Marketing concept Your Natural Orchid
Care: Temperature minimal 15 °C
Other supplierinformation MPS-GAP and MPS-SQ
Certificates Socialy Qualified MPS-SQ
Pot size 12 cm
Minimum plant height including pot 55 cm
Maturity stage 1-2
Minimum number of flowers/inflorescences per pot 14
Minimum number of stems/branches per plant 2
Transport height 80 cm
Minimum number of branchings per inflorescence not branched
Pot material cardboard
Plant shape standard
Wrapping material paper
Extra additions plant tag and plant passport
Country of origin (company) Netherlands
Certificates MPS ABC MPS-A+
Quality group A1
Producer groups Stolk Flora - Your Natural Orchid

Packing configurations

DC 439 - Tray karton 27x25 met bodem 3×10×5
DC 356 - Danish box 80cm 3×4×12
DC 490 - Normtray 56x25 10 gts 11/12cm 3×5×10
DC 225 - Papierpulp tray 40x28 5,5cm 3×6×6
DC 425 - Papierpulp tray 56x25cm 3×5×10
EP 878 - Eurobox 80cm+2 normtrays 3×4×16