Bar code on label 8717191140010
Certificates GlobalGAP GlobalGAP Flowers & Ornamentals
Pot size 22 cm
Minimum plant height including pot 75 cm
Min number of cuttings/plants per pot 2
Maturity stage 2-2
Minimum number of stems/branches per plant 3
Transport height 90 cm
Maximum plant height including pot 90 cm
Pot shape container 5 degrees
Pot colour antracite
Pot material plastic
Plant shape duo arch
Cultivation method in potting soil under glass
Country of origin (company) Netherlands
Other information pot plants odorous
Quality group A1
Trade Category Novelties
Producer groups Growing Success
Category Rosa Select Breeding geurend

Packing configurations

DC 800 - Supply without tray 2×18×1
DC 348 - Danish box 40cm 2×4×3
SW 256 - Hoge plantenbak grijs 2×6×4
SW 800 - Supply without tray 2×30×1
EP 380 - Eurobox 100cm 2×4×4
EC 800 - Supply without tray 1×9×1