Number of stems per bunch 1
Minimum length of flower stem 80 cm
Minimum number of buds cut flowers minimal 10
Packaging cut flowers in a box
Flower/berry/fruit color 1 blue pink
Country of origin (company) Netherlands
Certificates MPS ABC MPS-A+
Quality group A1

Packing configurations

SW 664 - 634 LV-versie 3×12×10
SW 640 - Phalaenopsis-doos breed 3×20×5


Temperatuur Transport 5-12 °C
Temperatuur Heet Use water of 55-60 °C degrees for using the Phalaenopsis. Let the water cool off to luke warm.
Lichtbehoefte Indirecte zon Phalaenopsis do not like direct sun
Waterbehoefte Veel water When you use the flowers, cut approx 1-2 cm of the stem and place it in a clean (glass) vaze. Repeat every 3/4 days
Consumptie Not suitable Phalaenopsis are not suitable for consumption