Deze Coffee to go beker is leuk als decoratie. Maar ook handig te gebruiken voor een lekker bakje koffie voor onderweg. Deze beker is herbruikbaar, dubbelwandig, goed afsluitbaar en vaatwasser bestendig. Hiermee is de Coffee to go beker dus duurzaam!
'Star Style' - The star of your home and garden ! This compact azalea blooms profusely in spring with its striking, star-shaped flowers. This eye-catcher brightens up your garden, terrace or living room. You can carefree enjoy this plant because the Star Style is very easy to care for and can tolerate up to -10°C. The 'Star Style' is launched in 3 colors: pink, lilac and white. They are easily identified by their unique star-shaped label. Sustainability has also been considered because the Star Style was grown in a carbon-free, recycled pot. StarStyle likes a humus-rich soil and do best in sunny or partial shade. They grow to a height of about 50 centimeters, making them ideal for keeping as a pot plant on the patio. In a nutshell: • lush and eye-catching star-shaped flowers • fine leaves • compact growth • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Exclusivo Belle Héléne bevat onze meest bijzondere verschijningen van compact bloeiende Phalaenopsis. Optimum schoonheid in de meest bijzondere variant beschikbaar. De verscheidenheid aan bloemen creëert een bloeiend paradijs in uw huis.
Opuntia ficus indica is a majestic plant, famous for the considerable dimensions it can reach… as well as its delicious fruits!
Let yourself be carried away by its wonderful waves and lush waterfalls!
A specimen that contains the rarest characteristics that you can look for in a plant!
Mooi glimmend blad, weinig last van ziekten, snelle groeier en winterhard.
A nice gift to hang to brighten the day!
WOW dat is handig, van alles wat in 1 tray verpakt. De herfst staat weer voor de deur, een tijd van gezelligheid én mooie kleuren in huis. Haal de herfst in de winkels met Aloe Demi.
Zware gevulde unieke Pyramidevormige hangende bloeivorm met frisgroene kleur.
Original little gift ideas entirely handmade!
A collection entirely designed for the protection of the environment!
Enjoy the rarest and most sought-after selections of our cactus and succulent collections!
Impossible to resist the charm of such a lively red!
All the sweetness of a plant with a real heart shape!
Available now. Refill for Hydroponics. 3 types of rinsed cuttings (Clusia, Syngonium, Monstera) Packed in a zip bag. 21 pieces per box.
The famous "monkey tail", a true spectacle of nature!
A magnificent specimen with a crest that looks like a human sculpture!
A fully eco-sustainable display ready for every need: show our small jewels safeguarding the environment!
The rarest and most sought-after plants in our white basalt pots: a touch of sophistication and elegance!
Let yourself be conquered by its shapes and by the incomparable shades!
A gorgeous plant that embodies the majesty of the regal Cobra!